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D'Angelo Russell got ignored again, so he high fived himself

There’s two types of people in this world — those who have tried a high five that awkwardly wasn’t reciprocated, and dirty liars. But D’Angelo Russell might even be a third type, who embraces his high fives that don’t go as planned even more than the successful ones.

See here.

That’s a textbook, Grade A recover right there. You’ve gotta be aware of your surroundings to really make this work, and within a split second, Russell realized the only way to save embarrassment would be to high five his own self.

Doing it once and have a consistent body of work are two very different things, but here we see Russell continue to impress — a handshake, in this case, but still a form of hand-on-hand greeting that can go terribly awry.

It’s an honor to watch such a true master of his craft.