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Would you say this Dwayne Johnson corn tribute rocks, or would you say it's a-maize-in?

............sorry about that headline, my editor made me use it.

Look, you simply can’t have too much of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson in this world. We still think he should coach at Miami. And love that he went 27 years without eating candy. And could watch him lip sync to Taylor Swift all day. And HAHAHA still laughing at this ’90s glamour shot of him.

Most recently, The Rock got turned into a corn maze. It’s at a cattle ranch in Georgia, and yes, it’s a tourist attraction that you can totally visit.

We love it. There’s never too much Dwayne Johnson.

He loves it! Even he knows he can never have too much of himself.

We’re eagerly anticipating the next time that Dwayne will be in the news, and that’s total sincerity.