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Mountain biker zips through harrowing forest track and somehow doesn't die

There are two thoughts that go through one’s mind whenever they see a GoPro video of an action sport: 1. This is fascinating as hell and 2. This is terrifying, why are they doing this, why can’t I stop watching, why has my heart rate gone up? It rang true for me when I watched Léo Taillefer’s nighttime ski video, but this one from Red Bull might be more terrifying.

The cyclist is Dan Atherton, who created this track, so in the back of your mind, you’re likely thinking, “He built this, he knows what’s coming, he’ll be fine.” And yet, you can’t help but watch in horror, because of the ridiculous sections he has to traverse, such as:

A narrow path with tree stumps as the border ...

... another narrow path with trees in the way ...

... and this hot mess that’s apparently road you have ride on — Mr. Atherton, what the hell is this track?

The combination of seeing these sections and hearing the audio of him breathing while trying not to die is a harrowing experience. Thankfully, Atherton came away unharmed, and the closest we’ll ever get to being like him is through this stressful GoPro video.