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Ben Affleck keeps finding out about Boston sports losses during interviews

Everyone knows Ben Affleck reps Boston hard all day, every day, especially when it comes to sports. His new movie The Accountant comes out this week, which means he’s busy doing the press tour and attending premieres, and (probably to his disappointment) missing a couple Patriots and Red Sox games. So when he went to a premiere on Monday, the same night the Red Sox were swept out of the postseason by Cleveland, Affleck got his MLB update from a third party. It gutted him.

But now that the Red Sox are out, he’s backing the Cubs in the postseason.

If only someone got his reaction when Chicago lost Game 3 in a late-night battle against the Giants.

It seems like Ben Affleck is stuck in this hell where he keeps finding out his favorite teams lose because someone told him. Last week, while he was being interviewed by Sports Illustrated, he found out the Bills beat the Patriots 16-0. “Rex Ryan?” Affleck responded. “F**k.”

Even though this is the second time Affleck has had to find out a Boston sports update through someone else, a perverse part of me hopes it continues with other Boston teams like the Celtics and Bruins. Actually, it doesn’t even have to be Boston teams; it could just be any team Ben Affleck deeply loves.

If this happens a third time, it has to be a sign that there’s a god out there actively working against Affleck’s sports fandom for our entertainment.

(h/t The Score)