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Here is a photo of Tim Tebow running directly into a wall in his Arizona Fall League debut

As a former football player, Tim Tebow is used to running through contact. As a new baseball player, Tim Tebow found out that doesn’t work nearly as well when outfield walls are involved.

Tebow is playing in the Arizona Fall League, learning the ropes of playing the outfield on the fly. He nearly came down with an impressive running catch during his debut game on Tuesday. But, the wall got involved. This was the result.

Minor League Baseball: Arizona Fall League-Scottsdale Scorpions at Glendale Desert Dogs Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Outfielders crash into the wall. It happens. Those sort of crashes are usually the sign of great effort and sacrifice. Tebow was willing to sacrifice face planting into the wall in the name of making that catch.

The unfortunate part for Tebow is that is about as big of a face plant as you’ll see. Experienced outfielders often protect themselves at the moment of impact. You don’t usually see an outfielder go so face first into the wall that it bends the bill of their hat up.

Tebow didn’t make the catch, but at least the fans appreciated the effort.