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A raccoon stole a man's phone, so he called the raccoon to get it back

You’d think it’d be OK if a person filmed a raccoon late at night with their smartphone, but this video from Guy Williams proves things can go awry real quick. So, here’s a raccoon walking up to Williams’ phone and stealing it, leading to the best raccoon footage ever captured on a phone.

It’s like if you strapped a GoPro to a raccoon, but you strapped it the wrong way, so all it showed was the raccoon’s legs.

Anyway, Williams understandably panicked from the raccoon’s theft that, at one point, he suggested to his friends they should call security:

As for why he yelled “Stanley,” apparently that was the name Williams bestowed upon his new best friend, just before it broke his heart and betrayed him:

Also, Stanley apparently does not like phone ringtones:

The phone’s okay and so is the raccoon:

So, a few lessons we can learn here:

1. Don’t leave your phone unattended and next to a raccoon.
2. Leaving your phone unattended is a more convenient way to get raccoon POV footage than strapping a GoPro to it.