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Are these photos of baseball players sleeping or crashing into walls?

Sometimes crashing into the wall looks like the most excruciating moment in a baseball player's career. But if a photo of them is taken at an exact moment in time, it just looks like they're in bed. The only difference is the verticality or the lack of it.

But why explain this dichotomy between slumber and pain when we can easily illustrate it. Here are just a few ballplayers crashing into a wall sound asleep.

Here's Dodger Andrew Toles catching some Zs. He can count sheep, or he can count every car in the Dodger Stadium parking lot — but that might take way too long. Sometimes it's almost a better idea to take a nap in the parking lot and just wait until all the other cars leave. No need to stress out, Andrew.

Sweet dreams, Jake Marisnick. Jake looks like he's shared a bed with someone for so long that he's subconsciously aware of how much space he takes up in his sleep.

Oh that's just Tim Tebow living out his dream. He's also dreaming. This is no time to take a nap, Tim! You have to get back on that field. The Mets are counting on you.

Reds outfielder Scott Schebler may have looked uncomfortable as he went crashing into the wall behind him, but boy does he look cozy in that same position on a bed. Out of the few players who unfortunately had an abrupt meeting with the wall, Schebler looks like he's enjoying himself the most.

Wake them up when baseball is back on.