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Someone at a Cleveland Chipotle thought the Raptors' Patrick Patterson was LeBron James

The Raptors’ Patrick Patterson, who’s in Cleveland for Thursday’s preseason game against the Cavaliers, had a small case of mistaken identity Wednesday night. Apparently, a Cleveland resident thought Patterson was LeBron James, which is weird. You’d think everyone in Ohio would know what James looks like. So, here’s Patterson recounting his story on Snapchat, complete with its wacky filters:

So check this out. I'm in Chipotle, right? I'm waiting in line, and the people start, like, mumbling and talking and shit as they lookin' at me. I finally get to the end of the line, and this woman goes like, "Are you LeBron James?"

Alright, so first thought in my head is to be like, "Yeah, I'm LeBron." You know, get some free food. Free Chipotle. Y'know? But then I'm like, "Woman, you live in Cleveland, so ... you should know what LeBron James looks like, right?"

So I'm like, "No, I'm not LeBron James. I'm not from here. I don't live in Cleveland. I don't play for Cleveland." And then this girl from the side decides to chime in and be like, "I told you so! He too skinny! He too small to be LeBron!"

I mean, I ain't think I was that skinny, you know? I work out a little bit. You know, I'm taller than the average Joe. But shit! The disrespect!

OK, so obviously Patrick Patterson is not LeBron James — they don’t even look alike:

NBA: Toronto Raptors-Media Day Dan Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports
NBA: Preseason-Cleveland Cavaliers at Atlanta Hawks Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

My only guess as to why the woman thought Patterson was LeBron is they have the same haircut and beard. That’s pretty much it. And from a distance, the mix-up is even more probable. But again, LeBron James has such a famous face, the fact that it happened is still baffling.

Anyway, props to Patterson for being honest and not pretending to be James, despite getting his feelings hurt and losing an opportunity to get free Chipotle. Probably would’ve been worth it to get the free Chipotle, though.