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Can Vin Scully just spend retirement calling random dingers, like this?

Technically, Vin Scully called his final Dodgers game on Oct. 2, when Los Angeles took on the Giants. San Francisco gave him a touching send off, and everyone went their merry way — MLB fans to the postseason, Scully to a hammock with a coconut drink in hand (probably).

Well, letting go is pretty hard, because when Scully appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live on Thursday, Kimmel had a special request. Kimmel wanted Scully to call that one time he hit a home run at the celebrity softball game in 2004, and Scully was game. Of course, he couldn’t call it without doing his usual fact sheet talk:

"Hi, everybody and a very pleasant good evening to you, wherever you may be. Here we are at Minute Maid Park. Another great night for another ball game. Leading off will be Jimmy Christian Kimmel. He was born in Brooklyn — Mill Basin. At about 9 years old, he was an altar boy — boy, that's a long time ago — and eventually, his family moved to Las Vegas. He went and graduated from Clark High School, then he went to the University of Nevada for a year, two more years at Arizona State, and the interesting thing is, they say, that he's very funny in the locker room."

Unless some other talk show host asks him to call their home runs, that might actually be last time Vin Scully will ever call a baseball play: On top of archived footage of Jimmy Kimmel hitting a home run at a 2004 celebrity softball game.

You know what, we’ll take it. It was good to hear Scully one more time.