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A hockey-loving good dog sat rinkside during the Predators-Blackhawks game

Good dog!

Everyone is stoked about the new NHL season. If you weren’t pumped before the season started, then Auston Matthew’s debut performance where he scored four goals surely did.

But when we say everyone, we have mostly meant every human. We neglected the very good dogs that are also hockey fans, like this attentive canine catching the Nashville Predators and the Chicago Blackhawks game on Friday night.

According to photographer and Predators reporter Jim Diamond, the dog’s name is Annie. She is a service dog:

“The game was Annie’s first hockey contest, and Ray said that she handled the noise and excitement like a champ. Service dogs are trained to handle all kinds of different circumstances, and with more than 17,000 yelling fans, loud music, and goal horns Annie just took it all in stride.”

We hope she enjoyed P.K. Subban’s first shot with Nashville! Of course she did. She’s such a good hockey-loving dog, yes she is!