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Jaguars misspell Prince Amukamara’s name on his jersey

For the second week in a row, an NFL player is walking around with a typo on their back.

Prince Amukamara just joined the Jacksonville Jaguars in the offseason and is only playing his fifth game with the team. He also has a pretty long last name with a lot of letters.

Still, it seems like someone should’ve noticed his name isn’t Prince Amukamara before sending him out for a Week 6 game against the Chicago Bears.

Just one week ago, the Minnesota Vikings misspelled defensive end Everson Griffen’s last name on his jersey by spelling it "Griffin." That’s maybe a little more understandable considering "Griffin" is the more common spelling of the surname, although maybe the Vikings should know how to spell it after seven years of doing it.

At least the Jaguars got things fixed, even if Amukamara had no idea things needed fixing.

Come on, equipment managers. Stay on your toes.