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Did you ever notice Dak Prescott is always smiling while playing football?

Dak has the best smile in football.

Things could not be any better for the Dallas Cowboys. The team is currently 5-1 and leading the NFC East, and that’s with a rookie quarterback and running back.

But Tony Romo is coming back from a back injury soon and the team will have to make a difficult decision. Whether the Cowboys decide to stick with the hot hand or their franchise quarterback remains to be seen, but there’s only one thing that we can count on: Dak Prescott will be smiling throughout.

Even during games, Prescott can’t stop showing off his pearly whites. You would think that bullet pass to a receiver would temporarily cloak his smile, but you would be wrong.

If anything, Dak’s smile is even better mid-throw. Leading the Dallas Cowboys to a 5-1 record doesn’t hurt either.

“Hey, Cole Beasley, catch! This game is so much fun, you guys!”

“Holy smokes, what was that? Did I just get tackled? Aw, you got me, Carlos Dunlap. Good one.”

“You want in on this Jason Witten? Wheeeee!”

Live your life like Dak Prescott plays football. You will be a lot happier because of it.