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Vince Wilfork smoked Texans fans who left Sunday Night Football early

Vince Wilfork cares about you. Yes, you — well, more aptly he cares about your dinner and its quality. So, when he noticed some Texans fans leaving early on Sunday night he had one concern.

“I hope their brisket turned out OK.”

The Texans were down by 14 points late on Sunday night when fans began leaving. There were only seven minutes left on the clock and Houston had only scored nine points at that time. There was no conceivable reason to think the home team could bounce back, so people left.

Now, let’s check back in on Vince Wilfork.

"I just want to know for all the fans who left, I hope their brisket turned out OK," said defensive tackle Vince Wilfork. "They had to go home and check it. ... To see you have a shot in the game and to see half the stadium empty, it was surprising, to be honest with you. I never encountered that before, but I guess it is what it is."

Lets be real here. Wilfork isn’t really talking about brisket. This is his off-the-cuff, jokey way to make Texans fans feel bad. Heck, they probably feel pretty terrible about skipping one of the best comebacks in recent memory — but part of us know that Wilfork was legitimately worried about brisket. That he manifested some slow-smoked beef in the pleasure center of his brain and honestly worried if it was OK.

How do we know this? Hmmm ... just a hunch.