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Terry Francona won’t stop flipping off cameras just because it’s the ALCS

He did it again!

Cleveland Indians manager Terry Francona does not seem to be a fan of being on TV while trying to manage a baseball game. Either that or he just happens to get an itch he can only scratch with his middle finger whenever he realizes the cameras are focused on him.

The latest “itch” popped up during Game 3 of the American League Championship Series.

Francona was in the dugout, just trying to enjoy a fresh piece of gum. He then noticed he was the focus of the TBS broadcast and this was the result.

Now, you might think that was just a coincidence. Maybe Francona did have an itch or was just innocently touching his face. If that’s the case, this coincidentally happens a lot.

Like in August of 2015 when Francona happened to get an “itch” when the NESN cameras were focused on him in Boston.

Or in October of last year when the same thing happened in Cleveland.

Either Terry Francona has a very itchy spot on his cheek, or he really doesn’t like having cameras on him during the game.