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This wild 3-way tie on ‘The Price is Right’ happened for the 1st time in 25 years

It’s pretty hard to get $1 on the Price is Right’s “Showcase Showdown,” but on the Oct. 17 episode, all three contestants spun up to $1 on their first run. It’s the weirdest and coolest thing to ever happen on the show. By the game’s rules, they all won $1,000 and a bonus spin for a chance to win $25,000. For the show’s sake, it whittled the contestants down to one to go on to the Showcase. Manfred, the man in the yellow shirt, was the lucky one, and he ended up winning

At one point, host Drew Carey said if he didn’t know if it ever happened before. Actually, it did, back in 1991 — two contestants spun “100,” and the third got a “30” followed by a “70.”

I’m left wondering what would’ve happened if all three contestants got “100” on their bonus spins. Would the show have them spin again, or would the three of them be allowed to go to the Showcase as a three-headed contestant that, if they won, their prizes would have to be cut in thirds, King Solomon-style? I kind of hope it’s the latter. It’s much more exciting television.

(h/t LAist)