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Richard Jefferson is spending the last days of his offseason making bar jukeboxes play ‘Thong Song’ on a loop

The Cavs forward wants to make sure everyone appreciates Sisqo’s magnum opus.

Cavaliers forward Richard Jefferson is getting ready for the NBA regular season the best way he knows how—by going to a bar and making the jukebox loop “Thong Song” by Sisqo 12 times in a row.

Jefferson posted a series of videos to his Snapchat account Monday documenting his adventures at a bar where he decided to make the jukebox play, in his words, “a bunch of terrible songs on repeat.” Jefferson and his friends deliberated other options, including Peter Gabriel, before deciding he wanted to “see that thong.”

The Snapchat story shows that Jefferson succeeded in picking the song at least twelve times in a row, even warning fellow bar patrons that they should maybe wait a half hour before taking a table. Evidently he decided to depart before the song finished looping, but the song was still audible from outside even as he videotaped his departure.

And in case you choose to follow in Jefferson’s footsteps, here is “Thong Song” for your looping pleasure: