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Fan throws helmet at Jerry Jones for autograph and hits him in head

If concussion protocol is a thing for NFL team owners, then someone might need to evaluate Jerry Jones.

It looks bad, and Jerry’s reaction to the flying helmet certainly doesn’t look good, but it miiiight not appear as bad as it looked.

  1. The helmet that nailed Jerry in the head appears to be a softer helmet than what they actually use in games.
  2. Jerry appeared uninjured and the fan who threw the helmet appears to be saying, “I’m sorry.”
  3. The Cowboys owner goes back into autograph mode after the mishap.

Jerry talked about it after the game.

So it looks like all’s well that ends well. You just might want to give it a second thought next time you throw a helmet at a 73-year-old man. Jerry’s reflexes probably aren’t what they used to be.