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The Indians celebrated their ALCS victory by roasting the Blue Jays and Drake

They even made Photoshops!

The Cleveland Indians clinched a spot in the World Series on Wednesday, knocking off the Toronto Blue Jays in Game 5 of the American League Championship Series. While it was a relatively brief series, lasting only five games, it wasn’t without a solid bit of animosity.

The Blue Jays — led by Jose Bautista — supplied the Indians with plenty of bulletin board material. First he said the Indians had “circumstances” on their side.

Then before Game 5, he said this about Cleveland’s starter Ryan Merritt.

The Indians, led by Merritt, went on to win the game and end the Blue Jays’ season. They were fairly quiet during the series, but they let it all out on Twitter after the game.

Not even noted Blue Jays fan and rapper Drake was spared.

The idea of responding on the field then slamming home the exclamation point on Twitter is one I can get behind. Also, the Indians are pretty dang good at Photoshop in addition to being great at baseball.