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3 hockey players turn a trick shot contest into a highlight reel

The first two shots were great. The last was unbelievable.

Ah yes, the hockey intermission skill shot contest. Where competitors attempt to fire a puck from the far blue line through a tiny hole in a board guarding the opposite goal. It’s basically a futile exercise straight out of a carnival. Unless, you are a former professional hockey player with skills like this.

That might be the most entertaining hockey intermission of all time. Former Michigan hockey stars Marty Turco, Brendan Morrison and Mike Legg were on hand to celebrate Michigan’s 1996 championship team. Turco — a longtime NHL goaltender — stepped up first and buried the shot right through the heart of the opposite goal.

The bar was set high.

Not too high for Morrison who followed suit by finding the back of the net. That’s when Legg grabbed a stick and slammed home a finishing goal of his own. During the 1996 NCAA Tournament, Legg scored a lacrosse style goal from behind the net. It’s among the most-famous hockey goals ever and led to similar goals being called a “Michigan” in honor of it.

He couldn’t whip one in from behind the net this time, but still picked up the puck lacrosse style and slung the puck across the ice and dead center through the tiny hole. Three-for-three.

Turco and Morrison carried Legg off the ice for his efforts. The only appropriate response after that absurd showing.