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These raccoons hiding under a deck are a cheap way to decorate your house for Halloween

Raccoons — they can ride alligators, steal phones, and possibly be turned into a sport. Now, with Halloween just a week away, they can be turned into a horrifying haunted house attraction.

If you didn’t those were raccoons underneath the deck, you could easily mistake them for tiny, haunted baby hands from the underworld. Like, you know how, as kids, we used to get creeped out by the thought that there’s something underneath our beds? That’s basically what that is — these hungry raccoon paws are our childhood nightmares come to fruition.

Anyway, there’s your Halloween tip: Get a bunch of neighborhood raccoons — actually, they’ll just naturally come to your house, as raccoons are wont to do — stick them underneath a table and scare the neighborhood with them.

However, I don’t have any tips for what you do with them after Halloween. Maybe keep them as Thanksgiving guests? I don’t know. You’re on your own.