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Kevin Ollie had to do his media interview with the mic scotch-taped to his head

Think this is a relatively boring interview with Kevin Ollie about UConn men’s basketball? Think again. Well, it is pretty boring — but this simple American Athletic Conference video has some layers. Lots of sweet layers.

Two seconds in: Kevin Ollie’s mic is Scotch-taped to his face.

Immediately, the video is a banger. How in the hell is this the best way for the AAC to secure mics to their guests? Ollie is doing his best to talk basketball and ignore what’s happening, but there’s sadness behind those eyes. Sadness that comes from coaching one of the best programs in the country, having a long NBA career and now you have a microphone taped to your face like a hastily wrapped gift.

One minute, 35 seconds: RANDOM RAP AIRHORN!

Turn down your speakers before skipping forward, because this will catch you off guard. For a good 10 seconds there’s weird feedback that makes this sound like a mix tape.

We think nobody on the air can hear this, otherwise Ollie is a stone-cold, unflappable entity of unimaginable power.

Two minutes, 37 seconds: Oh cool, a player has a mic taped to him too.

At least Kevin Ollie just had two pieces of tape. They put like, six on Rodney Purvis. The situation is almost identical to his coach: Nails the interview, sadness behind the eyes.

Three minutes, 35 seconds: Ollie’s mic makes its escape.

The neck tape has broken free and the mic is now informing its front half that the bond is weakening. Soon it will free itself from the head all together and slink away.

The moral of this story: Please do better, American Athletic Conference.