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President Obama, lifelong White Sox fan, is rooting for the Cubs to win the World Series

Normally, President Barack Obama, a lifelong White Sox fan, would not cheer on for the Cubs to win anything. It’s just how rivalries work. But on Jimmy Kimmel Live, Obama made it official: He’s cheering on the Cubs to win the World Series.

Kimmel: "I know you are a big sports fan — you're a White Sox fan — are you really happy the Cubs are going to the World Series?"

Obama: [squirming a bit, but conceding] "Yes! No, you know, I watched the end of the last game, and to see just how happy everybody was, I actually felt pretty good. I am rooting for my hometown team, even though it is not MY team."

Obama also tweeted a couple days prior to his appearance on how thrilled he was to see them win the pennant:

He didn’t miss an opportunity to rag on how long it’s been since the Cubs won a World Series, though:

"But, you know, I was watching these press reports about how the last time they won a World Series, Thomas Edison was still alive, and sliced bread had not been invented. So, this was literally the bets thing since sliced bread for Cubs fans.

You know, White Sox got their championship a little over 10 years ago, so we're feeling OK."

It’s great that Obama remembered that the White Sox won the World Series back in 2005, because apparently many outlets forgot. Nobody show Obama this image: