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Hours after the Cavs won, the arena was still full of fans watching the Indians

Double dip!

Cleveland was the best sports city in the world on Tuesday with the Indians hosting Game 1 of the World Series while the Cavaliers received their championship rings and opened the NBA season.

The games overlapped, so many fans had to choose to watch one or the other. Those who chose the Cavs quickly turned their attention to watching the Indians at Quicken Loans Arena.

The Indians found themselves in a precarious situation with Andrew Miller in a bases-loaded jam. He got out of it, and the fans inside the Cavs’ arena loved it.

There won’t be many sports nights better than this. Not only did fans get to celebrate the Cavaliers’ championship, they got to watch the Indians pursue a championship of their own. Cleveland may not be a travel destination for many, but it was the place to be on Tuesday.