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This emphatic Rodney Hood smash makes us so happy the NBA is back

If you’re not happy the NBA is back, hang on just one second and watch this Vine.


Rodney Hood was really good at the end of last season. He’s going to be even better this year. It’s not just dunking — he’s got a killer all-around game.

But right now, we’re focusing on the dunking. And we’re focusing on who he sorta kinda (not really) dunked over, Evan Turner. Of course it’s Evan Turner. And you can’t even feel bad for him at all, since Turner signed with Portland for $70 million this summer.

Basketball is back, and it’s as glorious as ever. We all missed dunks like this. We all missed Vines from Utah-Portland being so good they distracted us from a Warriors-Spurs marquee. You know you’re so glad it’s back.