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Andre Iguodala’s flop looked like he got attacked by a ghost

Yeah, no one is buying that, Andre.

The NBA season isn’t even a full day old and we already have a very strong contender for the flop of the year. Andre Iguodala shot up to the top of the flop leaderboard on Tuesday, putting a little extra into this effort.

It all starts out so normal and innocent. Iguodala reacts normally to the initial contact — which may have been below the belt — then suddenly reacts like someone hooked him with a lasso and tried to yank him off the court.

Here he was shortly after contact, reacting completely normal.

And then here he was a second later looking like he just got punched in the face, despite the fact no additional contact was made.

Maybe Iguodala took some acting classes in the offseason and wanted to put them to use. If that’s the case, he may need to refine his skills a little bit.