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Dwyane Wade and LeBron James bet on uniforms for the World Series

LeBron James is always game for a fun sports bet. The last time he participated, he had to give Draymond Green two cases of wine, after Ohio State lost to Michigan State in college football. You know, the game that caused kicker Michael Geiger to play air guitar after his game-winning field goal.

Now close friend and banana boat member Dwyane Wade has placed a fashion bet with James over this year’s World Series, which happens to feature their hometown teams, the Cubs and Indians. This is what he proposed on the night of Game 1: If the Cubs win, James has to walk into United Center dressed as a member of the Cubs; if the Indians win, Wade has to walk into Quicken Loans Arena as that team’s member.

It’s a pretty tame bet, but it also makes sense, because they’re always styling on game days — like, here’s James looking like he’s ready to perform at a jazz concert, and here’s Wade looking like he’s about to present a VMA. Surely, neither man wants to be seen wearing their opponent’s jersey.

But here’s the thing for LeBron, though: If the Cubs win, he could totally take the Frank Kaminsky route and wear a Cubs jersey, but it could bear the name of someone historically loathed by the fan base — perhaps Billy Sianis from the goat curse mythology or literally anyone from the 2005 White Sox’s World Series roster.

(Not Steve Bartman, though. For one, it’s been done by Kaminsky, and two, Bartman’s been through enough.)

As for how the bet’s going? Cleveland’s already up 1-0, and Wade posted his wager with poor timing — in the middle of the Cubs getting destroyed — so of course, James accepted once the game was pretty much over:

It’s too early to tell who’ll win, but it’d be poetic if Cleveland was up 3-1, and they blew that lead to Chicago.

(via MLB/Cut4)