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Rob Gronkowski is a farting Lyft driver

1. Here’s Rob Gronkowski pretending to be a Lyft driver for the sake of entertainment. Well, pretending in the sense that he’s pretending to be someone that isn’t Rob Gronkowski, not pretending to be a driver, because on paper, that would be disastrous. His disguise works mostly because most of the people he’s servicing don’t watch football, which is a plus because it makes for some awkward conversations like this:

Gronk: “Where are you from?”

Passenger: “I’m originally from Dallas.”

[Gronk grimaces]

2. Probably my favorite part of the video is the fact that some guy says he met Gronk at a bar, and you can feel Gronk wanting to correct him without giving away his secret. Like, you get the sense Gronk knows all the bars in the New England area that he’s been to, and apparently, “Society On High” is one place he hasn’t been too. Or perhaps he’s been to every Boston bar, and he remembers the names and faces of people he’s met.

3. Here’s an actual quote from Gronk:

“Hah, I just farted and it doesn’t even smell. Whoa, that would’ve been dangerous.”

4. As someone who’s recently started using Lyft, somehow worrying about my driver farting in a car had never crossed my mind until today. And now, thanks to Gronk, I will have to take precautions before entering a Dutch oven on wheels that’s filled with fart particles.