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Richard Sherman wore his ‘Harry Potter’ Halloween costume to a press conference

On Wednesday, Richard Sherman got into the spirit of Halloween for a special press conference, and dressed up in a Harry Potter costume, complete with a wand:

Actually, it wasn’t his idea to dress up — his son told him to do it, which should be grounds for a bonus allowance:

When asked if he has a second choice for an outfit, Sherman responded, “This was my first and second choice.” Here’s more proof he’s hardcore on Harry Potter: He says Quidditch is pretty tough and comparable to five quarters of football; he considers Order of the Phoenix to be his favorite book; he considers himself a Gryffindor and not a Hufflepuff; and, according to this New York Times article from 2014, he was that person that went to midnight screenings for the movies. Respect.

Not that he’s never shown his geeky side in other places: When he appeared on SB Nation’s trivia show for Super Bowl 50 weekend, he repped Pokémon and told teammate Bobby Wagner he wouldn’t beat him because “I have a Charizard.”

What are the chances Sherman and fellow Harry Potter fan Klay Thompson will link up to see Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them next month?