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Professor relents on strict attendance policy for Indians fan with World Series tickets

College professors are often sticklers for rules. I had a college professor who would dock a letter grade if assignments weren’t written in pencil. A lot of professors are especially strict on attendance. That includes one professor at Ohio University who has a zero tolerance policy for trying to cheat your way into attendance points. His policy was put to the test when one student really didn’t want to miss the points, but also had World Series tickets.

The story comes from Charles Turner, the Indians fan who missed class to make the game.

Charles checked in for attendance points at the start of class and gave his homework to another student to turn in, then headed out to catch Game 1 with his family. The professor took attendance near the end of class and by then Charles was long gone. The professor has “zero tolerance” for attendance deceit.

Except, apparently, when the Indians are in the World Series.

Charles told the professor why he missed class, and even sent along a photo with his brother as evidence. That was good enough reason for the professor.

“Charlie. That looks like an impeccable excuse. No repercussions. Go Tribe!”

The lesson here is that if you ever need to skip class, make sure you also have tickets to a really awesome sporting event.