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Watch the best sports Vines of all time before Vine shuts down

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Vine is dead. Long live Vine.

Vine announced Thursday that it will be shutting down in the near future, after making the internet a better place for three years. We used Vines constantly at SB Nation, for sports highlights and ... other things. (Please read that sentence with Ginuwine’s “Pony” running through your head.) Now, we wish it farewell with a few of our favorites, in no particular order.

Seth’s Vine Corner


♫ This is what it sounds like/when deers cry ♫:

Yams. Sweet potato yams.

And maybe my favorite sports Vine:

OK last one. I know it’s not sports, but it’s not NOT sports:



wait no actually:

/now end

Sarah Hardy, Braxton Miller’s spin move

Braxton Miller had been the heart and soul of Ohio State's football team ever since he was thrown into the fire as a freshman quarterback in 2011. Three years later, the back-to-back Big Ten Player of the Year had to watch the Buckeyes win a national championship from the sidelines while he sat out the season with a shoulder injury.

After months of debate about who would start at quarterback once Miller had finally healed, Miller announced he was going to switch positions. No one knew what to expect. Of course Miller had shown plenty of times that he was blessed with otherworldly talents, but was he really ready to play wide receiver after just a few months?

In his first game at the position, and in his first game in 20 months, Miller pulled off one of the most OMG DID HE REALLY DO THAT highlights of the entire 2015 college football season.

As an athletic feat, it was dazzling, like a Madden game come to life. But on a deeper level, it was rewarding for anyone who had followed his career. No one deserved to have that moment more.

Tyler Tynes

Aye bruh, who baby is this? Come get yo baby? This ain’t no daycare. These streets ain’t free. So y’all just gon leave this baby here? Fine, might as well teach this baby a lesson.



The real first unanimous MVP


this kid


Anything with Marshawn Lynch in it is great, especially this.


This is sports


also Allen Iverson

Louis Bien

oooooohhh Sunday niiiight :(

Jason Kirk

Ricky O’Donnell

TFW you have a guard a 7’5 guy in a high school game:

Harry Lyles Jr.

Alex Kirshner

Anyone who says “I did not enjoy this post”