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The Bulls have a new, adorable talk show host who's all about snacking

Everyone, we have found our remedy for 2016, and it’s Henry, our new favorite late night talk show host. I don’t know who Henry is (other than an adorable kid who wears a suit-and-Crocs combination), where he came from (it’s most likely Chicago), or why he has a snack-themed talk show exclusively for the Chicago Bulls, but I’m all in. And like any good talk show host, Henry got some scoops, such as:

Dwyane Wade is the best player on the Bulls whispers Dwyane Wade:

Robin Lopez (a.k.a. “Robez”) eats Fruit By the Foot by the entire roll:

Doug McDermott apparently did not know you have to peel the wax off Babybel cheese:

I really, really hope this isn’t the last we see of Henry, whose side gig is this thing called “school.” He’s a delight, and props to the team for playing along with him. Perhaps in 20 years, we’ll see a mid-20s Henry look back at this video, and finally get that Mickey Mouse tattoo he told Denzel Valentine he’d get.