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Dwyane Wade wished Gabrielle Union a happy birthday and threw shade at the NBA in one Instagram post

Aww, how sweet — wait what?

If there’s a more unfortunate time to lose a large amount of money, it’s when you have to buy someone you love a gift. Sure, you’ll still make the purchase, but in the back of your head, you’ll think about the parallel universe at the register — the one where you bought the gift and still kept all that money.

You could’ve had your cake and eaten it too — well the birthday girl could have. Bulls guard Dwyane Wade probably went through that this week.

Gabrielle Union, Wade’s wife, had a birthday on Saturday. And like the good husband and social media guru that he is, he published an Instagram post honoring the actress. And while he’s in the middle of wishing her a happy birthday, he also snuck in something about the NBA.

Here’s what he said:

Dwyane Wade isn’t even trying to be coy about losing $25,000 to a fine, thanks to a throat slash gesture he made during the Bull’s opener against the Boston Celtics. He did apologize for making the gesture after the game, but it sounds like he also misses that money. I’m sure Wade still ponied up for a decent gift.

Hope the NBA doesn’t find that post.