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We have the solution to the NFL's declining ratings and it's Frisbee Dog

There’s a lot of hubbub over the NFL’s TV ratings this season. You might place some of the blame on how bad the games have been; here’s what NFL fans have had to endure over the last week alone:

Well, folks, we found the solution that will get people watching. Instead of putting on football games, replace them with the Indianapolis Colts’ Frisbee Dog.

What a good dog. Look at how high his vertical is when he jumps off his trainer. Look at all the frisbees he can catch to his heart’s content. Look how majestic he looks in slow-mo HD. Catch those frisbees, my good, good Frisbee Dog.

(Note: The Chicago Bears had their own frisbee dogs, and showcased them during the preseason. But those dogs are associated with the Bears, and no one wants to watch Frisbee Dogs: Bears Edition.)