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Washington's PR handler shoved a German reporter trying to interview their kicker

The third and final NFL game in London between Washington and Cincinnati ended in a tie. It didn’t have to, but kickers from both teams just couldn’t get the ball through the uprights.

So now we’re left with postgame analysis, and being that it’s an International Series game, a German reporter wanted to know from Washington’s Dustin Hopkins why his field goal attempt failed. That is, until PR handler Tony Wyllie ran in and shut down the interview on camera:

You might remember Wyllie as the “No Means No” man from two years ago, when ESPN Deportes’ John Sutcliffe tried to interview quarterback Colt McCoy:

The German host and his colleagues were pretty chill, and understandably weirded out by Wyllie stepping in. The exact reasoning for why Wyllie stepped in is unknown, but his explanation for the 2014 incident might be a clue, via Pro Football Talk:

Wyllie explained the situation to PFT by phone on Tuesday morning. He said that Sutcliffe had provided no prior notice of a desire to interview McCoy on the field after the game. Wyllie said that Sutcliffe nevertheless tried to interview McCoy, Wyllie told Sutcliffe no, and then Sutcliffe proceeded to start the interview anyway.

So, the German reporter may have possibly been in the same situation as Sutcliffe, and Wyllie wanted them to do the interview properly. Okay. Understandable. I’m not sure barging in and obnoxiously yelling “No!” again was a good idea, though.

(h/t Deadspin)