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The Lion King Cam is the best thing happening in sports

Move aside, Kiss Cam. Lion King Cam is here to stay.

The Suns did not invent the Lion King Cam, nor did the Nuggets, whose use of the feature gained attention last April. In fact, it dates back to at least 2014, and it might have been the Utah Jazz who used it first.

That’s the earliest tweet I can find in reference to a Lion King Cam. Since then, teams of every different type of professional sports — yes, including the Detroit Lions — have used it. But the Suns this weekend, like the Nuggets last season, were participating in best timeout entertainment going.

The kiss cam is awkward and uncomfortable. Throwing t-shirts is fine, but not enough to fill up every break in the action. That’s where the Lion King Cam comes in, and it’s a universal smash hit.

We do have one counterargument to the Lion King Cam below.

While it’s possible, I tend to think that criticism is overblown. And how can you really be mad at something that gives us moments like this?