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Cyclist apologizes for breaking his friend's bike in half

At Saturday’s Red Hook Criterium in Milan, cyclist Jeremy Santucci had a rage-filled moment when he slammed his bike on the ground and broke it in half. You can hear Santucci tell the crowd “It’s already destroyed,” because, a few minutes before slamming his bike, he was involved in a crash that rendered his bike unusable.

To make things more awkward, that’s not even his bike — vlogger Francis Cade met Santucci before the race, and Santucci noted that his friend Sergio loaned him the bike (seen at 5:57 in the video below):

On Tuesday, Santucci wrote an apology on his Instagram, which was attached to video of the Today Show talking about him:

I would like to publicly apologize for my unsportsmanlike conduct ... The bike was totaled before the toss and I was lucky to walk away alive, my emotions were running high and I was not in my present mind... I gave my Freind my whole complete bike to help make this right...

At least he made things right with Sergio, and thankfully no one was seriously injured in that crash.

(h/t Deadspin)