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'FIFA 17's' physics glitch has Zlatan's face shoved into a butt

Sports video games are forever the gifts that keep on giving. Not because they’re fun, but because of their glitches. For example, Madden’s nine-minute fumble glitch and its kickoff touchdown glitch, WWE 2K causing John Cena to fly like he’s being abducted by aliens, and pretty much anything the FIFA games do.

FIFA 17, for everyone’s sake, has many glitches and moments full of weird physics. The fine people at GameSprout compiled a multitude of those for a five-minute FIFA 17 blooper reel.

It only feels right to share my personal favorites:

The eternal struggle against a small net:
And of course, the broken physics that put players in compromising positions, like Virtual Zlatan getting his face shoved into a butt, and feeling jazzed about it:

Never fix this game, EA Sports.*

*Unless there’s a really bad, game-breaking glitch, then yes, please fix it.

(h/t Kotaku)