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Josh Norman found out who ate his Life Savers during the middle of an NFL game

At least his teammate admitted to it.

Washington CB Josh Norman had a bag of Life Savers. Someone ate Josh Norman’s bag of Life Savers. On Sunday, while playing the Cleveland Browns, Norman found out who.

Stealing someone’s bag of Life Savers is not cool, Ziggy. But at least Hood was nice enough to admit it, and offer to pay to replace them. That seemed good enough for Norman, who seemed more excited to talk about how good they were.

While all that is great, I still have some serious questions. It starts with what sort of Life Savers we’re talking about. The original hard candy? The mint variety? The gummy variety?

Taking someone else’s candy is concerning, but I’d be much more concerned about Hood if he took a bag of hard candy and then crushed it all in one sitting. Who does that? Now, if it was Life Saver gummies, then we totally understand, those are delicious.