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Curtis Granderson crashes full steam into the wall to rob the Giants with a tremendous catch

What a catch.

The Mets and Giants remain scoreless heading into the seventh inning in their Wild Card Game. Curtis Granderson is a big reason why.

With a runner at second base and two outs in the sixth, San Francisco’s Brandon Belt launched a ball to deep center field. It looked like it had a chance to get out of the park and at worst was going to be a run-scoring extra base hit. Granderson had other ideas.

Not only did he somehow manage to get to the ball, he managed to hold onto the ball despite getting leveled by the wall. While Noah Syndergaard and the Mets applauded the great catch, Belt was less happy. He spiked his helmet in frustration, leading to this fantastic photo.

Granderson has made some great catches during his career. Considering the situation, this might be his best yet.