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Larry Fitzgerald was so excited about scoring this TD he flattened an offensive lineman

Larry, that’s your teammate!

Larry Fitzgerald scored a beautiful touchdown on Thursday night against the 49ers. It was a perfect example of a veteran wide receiver. He ran a great route, slowing down just a touch at the end to gain separation with a gentle push off.

It was basically perfect. And Fitzgerald was REALLY excited about it. Offensive lineman Earl Watford was excited, too, at least initially. He was probably less excited after an exuberant Fitzgerald leveled him with a celebration.

The view from on the field shows just how excited Fitzgerald was.

Watford is 6’4 and 295 pounds. Fitzgerald steamrolled him like he was a kicker. That’s a valuable life lesson for Watford. If you’re celebrating with Fitzgerald, you better come full speed or else it’s not going to end up well.