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An Ecuadorian soccer player on an injury cart led a police chase in the middle of a game

During Ecuador’s 3-0 World Cup qualifier victory over Chile on Thursday, police chased Ecuador forward Enner Valencia because he was wanted for questioning over unpaid child support. He owes around $17,000 to his ex-wife, according to El Universo.

With 10 minutes left in the match, Valencia had complained over altitude sickness, and he was taken out of the match on a cart. Meanwhile, police arrived to detain him, which led to this strange chase:

Valencia managed to avoid them, and was taken to a nearby hospital. Apparently, this was the police’s third attempt at detaining him. The first time was on Wednesday during a training session, but it failed because, according to his ex-wife’s lawyer, “certain police officers didn’t collaborate with [Valencia’s] detention.” The second instance occurred as the Ecuador national team’s bus arrived at the stadium and policemen tried to get a hold of Valencia.

Valencia’s agent Gonzalo Vargas tweeted a signed document from a judge that revoked the order for his arrest, according to ESPN FC:

Ecuador’s next World Cup qualifier is on Tuesday against Bolivia. It remains to be seen what will happen to Valencia in between matches.

(via The Guardian; Deadspin)

UPDATE: Here’s Valencia’s side of the story.