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Drake needs an entire ice tub to rehab his injured ankle

Athletes want to be rappers, and rappers want to be athletes. That’s a saying that has been around forever, perhaps no better exemplified by Drake. He supports dozens of different sports teams, even direct rivals. He raps about having a shot like Stephen Curry, despite that whole Kentucky debacle. And then there’s this ...

After the show it's the after party

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First, a defense: Drake is actually injured. He postponed three upcoming tour dates because of an ankle injury, including a show in his hometown Toronto. Icing the ankle to reduce swelling not only makes sense, but could be doctor prescribed.

But ... an entire ice tub? Surely that seems as unnecessary to me as it does to you. The same effect could have been achieved with a bucket. Or, dare I say, a bag of frozen peas like the rest of America.

We can all imagine where this is going.

Dec. 12, 2016. Drake wears an altitude mask as he continues to get back in shape. He had dessert three straight days, and is now getting winded when he goes up a few flights of stairs.

March 2, 2017. Drake purchases a hyperbaric chamber. He had stubbed his toe against a speaker on stage, and his recovery needed to be sped up.

Jan. 29, 2018. Drake catches onto the cupping trend, two years after the Rio Olympics popularized it. It was supposed to help him recuperate from drinking an entire bottle of sauvignon in the recording studio while singing about his exes the last night before.

May 1, 2019. Drake travels to Germany and undergoes Orthokine treatment on his knee, one that Kobe Bryant famously did a few times. His last single had flopped, and this was considered a last ditch effort.