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Penn State and Maryland got into a sideline shoving match after big hit

There’s no love lost between Penn State and Maryland, and on Saturday that boiled over — again. A big hit to a Terps punt returner caused things to pop off on the sideline.

Seconds after the pair of Penn State defenders stared down the punt returner, everything went to hell.

The hit that started the shoving was legal, but the Terrapins took exception to seeing their own player get stared down just feet from them. Also, it’s Maryland and Penn State — they like to scuffle.

The last big run-in between the sides happened in 2014. The teams got into a shoving match during pregame.

Then Maryland’s captains refused to shake hands before the game. Saturday’s latest scuffle should confuse nobody. Let’s face it: Maryland was born to be Penn State’s rival, but until its program catches up, that’s just not happening. We can still dream.