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The Vikings misspelled Everson Griffen’s name on his own dang jersey

To Minnesota’s credit, he’s only been on the roster for seven years.

Everson Griffen is in his seventh season with the Minnesota Vikings. Despite that familiarity, someone in the Vikings’ uniform office still doesn’t know how to spell his name.

“Griffin” is the most common spelling of the surname. A quick Google search returns 151 million results for “Griffin” and “Did you mean: griffin” when you query the defensive end’s actual last name. Even so, the Vikings have had since 2010 to get their Pro Bowl defender’s name right, and it hadn’t been a problem until Sunday.

Griffen currently leads the Minnesota defense with four sacks this season, three of which came in a monster game against Carolina in Week 3. He’s been the team’s most effective pass rusher since Jared Allen left for Chicago in 2013.

You’d think that would be enough to ensure his own team could spell his name correctly.