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Soccer player arrested for climbing into the stands and kicking a fan

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Today in “Totally weird sh** you only see in soccer,” we have Audax Italiano striker Sebastian Pol, who was arrested in a Chilean league match after he climbed into the stands and kicked a fan in the face.

Tempers boiled over in a game between Audax Italiano and U. Catolica over the weekend and Pol decided to take things into his own hands. The player said he was angered over insults directed at him from the fan, but wanted to clarify that he only wanted to scare the supporter.

“I’m really full of regret for this. I apologize to him profusely. I didn’t mean to strike him, I just wanted to frighten him. It’s something new that life has taught me.”

Ah, yes. Not kicking a fan is something new that life has to teach all of us. Pol has been suspended from attending any sporting events for 20 days as a punishment for his violent act under Chilean law, and further steps could be taken against the Argentinian player.

We definitely don’t condone violence against fans, regardless of what caused it to happen — but got to admit, it’s kind of nice that we all got to think about Eric Cantona again.