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The New Orleans Zephyrs are now the Baby Cakes and it’s terrifying

Adorable and fearsome.

Aw look at the adorable logo!

On Tuesday, the New Orleans Zephyrs — minor league affiliate of the Miami Marlins — officially rebranded as the Baby Cakes. With that name change came new logos.

A few of the alternate logos feature a cute baby donning beads, laughing and wearing an extravagant crown. The main logo features the same baby, only this time the kid is mean-mugging the viewer and wielding a bat.

While you can knock the team for opting for a weirder minor league baseball name — the Marlins also have an affiliate named the Jumbo Shrimp — this makes perfect sense to strike fear in the hearts of opponents and make for some sweet merch.

The more you analyze the monicker, the more you should worry, especially if you’re facing the minor league team. Have you ever been around a baby or a toddler playing with a toy? That toy train or abstract assemblage of legos can become your worst nightmare if they start waving it in the air. Those toys under that level of merriment should be considered a weapon in most cases.

And good luck if they actually understand that those toys can in fact be used as weapons. You’ll be running around the house trying to flee a kid that just wants to play, when really they’re whacking at your shins while you try to mask your pain with a coy smile and nervous laugh. Try wearing shin guards.

So when opponents go up to bat against the Baby Cakes, they’ll stare down the pitcher and his hat and remember the very unpleasant moments of being a parent. That should merit a few extra strikeouts.

Oh and that logo reminds us of a certain other baby in New Orleans ...

NBA: Los Angeles Lakers at New Orleans Pelicans Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

For the sake of not having nightmares, I’m siding with the the Minor League baby.

(Also, @CakesBaseball is immediately one of the best Twitter handles on the web. It incorporates the intrigue of possible sweets with the thrill of sports. What’s not to love?)