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Kevin Durant doesn’t ‘give a damn about no damn Drake Night’

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Kevin Durant and Drake are friends. Drake even talked about how glad he was that Durant’s free agency decision made him happy. None of that matters when it comes to the results on the court, however.

The Toronto Raptors hosted the Warriors on Wednesday, and Drake was there to celebrate “Drake Night,” a now-annual tradition. That led to some friendly trash talk during the game. Or at least it seemed friendly.

First, Drake bumped into Durant during the middle of Durant’s interview. It didn’t seem like a coincidence. Durant certainly didn’t seem to think so judging by the death stare he shot at Drake.

The real kicker came later, when Durant was asked about the interaction he had with Drake on Drake Night.

“I don’t give a damn about no damn Drake Night.”

Glad we cleared that up.

At this rate, Drake is going to have to get a new jersey the next time he performs in the Bay Area.


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