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This video of a Japanese rugby fan meeting his hero is the sweetest thing

It can always be a sobering experience for fans when they meet their heroes for the first time. The expectation and excitement almost never lives up to reality, and in some cases you can have your dreams shattered if the athlete isn’t what you expected. Thankfully this wasn’t the case for a Japanese rugby fan, who had an awesome experience meeting Shane Williams.

Williams, a Welsh international, has played in Japan for the last three years before announcing his retirement earlier this year. He took all the time in the world and had plenty of patience for a fan who met him on the street. There was a considerable language barrier, but it didn’t matter. Williams took the time to sign the fan’s jersey, snap some pictures and talk to him.

It’s such a cool moment to be caught on camera. Oh, and the team Williams played for in Japan? The Mitsubishi Dynaboars. Their mascot is just as awesome as you’d expect.

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This isn’t really germane to the video. I just wanted to show you the Dynaboars logo.