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The Cubs gave up 2 runs because a wild pitch drilled the catcher in the face

This Game 7 is ridiculous.

The Indians aren’t finished just yet in Game 7, and a weird fifth inning is the reason. Jon Lester entered the game in relief of Kyle Hendricks, which is important for two reasons: one, he doesn’t field his position well, and two, it meant David Ross came in to catch.

The result? World Series chaos!

It started with Lester not fielding a weakly hit ball that Ross probably should have just sat on instead of throwing. He threw, though, and it went off-target, and that changed a first and second situation into a second and third:


Lester then threw a wild pitch that ended up that way because it hit Ross in the mask. Lester missed his spot — you can see Ross thinking the pitch is going to be low:


The result of this was two runs scoring because of the two runners in scoring position from the previous mishap.

The second of those two runs was close — closer than it should’ve been, thanks to the previous hit by Jason Kipnis that wasn’t fielded cleanly by Lester or Ross.


Ross already got one of these runs back, as he hit a solo homer in the bottom of the inning to put Chicago up by three runs once more. Game 7, y’all!