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39-year-old David Ross had 5 of the weirdest minutes in World Series history

From a huge error to a huge home run.

For Chicago Cubs catcher David Ross, Game 7 of the World Series is also the final game of his career. And he’s going out with a bang, with his first five minutes of baseball about as eventful as it gets.

Ross entered the game in the bottom of the fifth inning as a defensive replacement to catch Jon Lester out of the bullpen. Ross immediately found himself in the middle of the action.

Jason Kipnis hit a dribbler in front of home plate. Ross tried to fire to first base but the throw got away, sending Kipnis to second and Carlos Santana to third. Not an ideal start for his first play of the day.

It got worse with the next batter.

Ross tried to block a ball low in the dirt, but it took a bad hop and bounced up, hitting him in the helmet.

The ball to the head rattled Ross initially. It also allowed both Cleveland base runners to score to make it 5-3.

Through two batters, it was all disaster for Ross. Not the way the 39-year-old likely imagined his career ending.

But, as if the story was being written by a Hollywood screenwriter, things took a turn for the better. Ross stepped to the plate the next half inning and did this.

With that home run, Ross became the oldest player to hit a home run in Game 7 of the World Series. He’s the eighth-oldest player to ever homer in the World Series. The Cubs still need to win the game for the true storybook ending, but that’s a good start.

In the span of five batters, Ross committed a crucial throwing error, was part of a brutal cross up that cost the Cubs two runs, and hit a solo home run. He may not have played much in this World Series, but he’s finishing strong.

Oh ... he also celebrated with this.